Contact Tracing

Protect your employees by embracing our COVID-19 contact tracing solution

Social Distancing Tracing.

We enable you to safely re-open your business by providing proficient and reliable COVID-19 exposure tracking solutions.

Safeguard your enterprise’s health and build employee trust with distancing violation alerts

Contact Tracing App
Contact Tracing for Employees

Contact Tracing via BLE Technology

Minimize infrastructural change expenditure and Maximize user adoption by leveraging the phones Bluetooth wireless technology available for both Android and iOS users.

Secure Contact Tracing

We help build employee trust by keeping Data Privacy at the forefront.

Contact Tracing Employees

Designed Just for You

Fully Customizable to align with your company’s needs.

Contact Tracing App Android
COVID contact tracing

Contact tracing via BLE technology to notify proximity to any infected user.

Quick symptom checker

To allow users to check symptoms for COVID.

Information on nearby COVID-19 test centres

For requesting tests and assistance.

Hotline number

The CDC helpline for users seeking immediate help.

Exposure alerts

If users test positive for COVID-19, the app can quickly identify people who were in contact with and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Geo-enabled contact tracing

Seamlessly combine geo-enabled contact tracing, with manual contact tracing capture for each team member.

Even if you leave your home, you can help keep yourself and your community safe by using Contact Tracing


Tracking symptoms on the go

Stops the disease spread - It will help the organizations to stop the spread of the disease by quickly track the contacts of the COVID-19 affected patient.

User supportcConnect helpline - Quick Dial to assist any person in healthcare seeking assistance

Convenient - For users as its a handy mobile app.

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