Take the symptom questionnaire to help slow down the spread of COVID-19. The Daily Wellness Survey helps:

  • Check current symptoms
  • Confirm the need for COVID-19 testing
  • Daily tracking of symptoms

Daily Symptom Tracking

An easy-to-interact-with wellness survey that every employee must complete daily.
The wellness survey functionality offers employees an easy way to track their symptoms daily.
It also helps organizations act swiftly whenever an employee reports any symptoms.

Quick Symptom Assessment

Based on the questionnaire responses, the app shows the symptom assessment and suggests whether the employee needs to get tested or not.

Next Course of Action

As per the assessment shown by the app, the employees are suggested the next course of action. If an employee reports COVID-19 symptoms, he/she will be asked to self-isolate and connect with their healthcare provider. If not, then they will be asked to track symptoms daily. A link will also be provided to the employees for further information on COVID-19.

Checkup History

The app also shows recent wellness survey reports to easily track the development of any COVID-19 symptoms.