We have simplified contact tracing for you by using our 3-step contact tracing process. This helps us implement a customizable, company-wide, and easily accessible contact tracing protocol for our clients.


Fully customizable app configuration

The biggest benefit of our contact tracing app is the client-specific configuration that we offer. We first understand your company-specific contact tracing needs and then configure our app accordingly.

Providing unique solutions for your needs
Companies: Dedicated HR and Employee dashboards for effective monitoring
Universities: Integrated single sign on features with the university systems
Factories: Easily navigable applications minimizing need for labor training


Establishment-wide adoption

As with any contact tracing methodology, the success of this app depends on its wider adoption (80-90%). Once the majority of your employees agree to use this app, effective traceability would be seen at your office, university, or enterprise.


Monitoring and Safeguarding

Once the system is up and running, the HR has access to the admin dashboard that makes contact tracing easy and accessible. If an employee reports COVID-19 symptoms, the admin will be instantly notified, who can then alert other company employees as well as suggest preventive measures to the infected person.